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click on the van to book online

Click on the van to make an online booking

Open 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, to 5pm Saturdays and closed Sundays (due to council's dated trading regulations).

No cancellation fees.

I am about generating goodwill, and I don't think cancellation fees do that!
I recognise that life gets in the way!
Casual employees getting a call to go into work, children needing to be taken to the GP or people needing to work later than expected, it is all part of life's rich tapestry!
It is No Shows that I am not impressed by, particularly if people don't answer the phone when I call them to see if they are still coming. That shows little respect for me, my time or the profession I represent.

My prices are fixed until July 2024. :
30 minutes $50
45 minutes $65
One hour $80
75 minutes $95
90 minutes $110
and see Regulars Discounts below

My online booking system automatically adds a 15 minute gap after each booking. For couples/families requiring back to back appointments, arriving in one vehicle, there is a two hour couple/family appointment for two people of one hour each.

Mobile service occasionally available Sundays, depending on what we are doing for the day. As per regulations for home businesses, my clinic is closed on Sundays.
Prices include the GST, a tax on your health

Discounts for regular clients

To qualify, just six visits in the last twelve months are needed.
$5 off appointments of less than one hour
$10 off appointments of an hour or more

This means that people with chronic problems who need regular treatment can get it a little cheaper. Also clients who invest in preventative health with regular appointments are also eligible for the discount.

Any session can include a special face massage (therapeutic eg work on the jaw, - the temporomandibular joint -, AND/OR cosmetic (line removal)), a foot or hand massage and so on.

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