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Many people see me first, whilst others see me last! Here's why:

Why many new clients see me first.

After working on over 7,000 clients since 2004 in my home based clinic in a quiet cul-de-sac, many people are recommended to see me by direct word of mouth.
I sincerely thank everyone for making those recommendations!
Many choose me as a result of recommendations on Facebook suburban chat groups, such as Baldivis Mums, for example. Again, I sincerely thank everyone who has put my name forward when group members ask for recommendations!
Then there are those that select me after doing an online search. Usually they pick me because of the reviews. So again, I sincerely thank everyone who has written a review on my google page. However, many of the best reviews are not written by people who see me first. They are written by new clients who see me last!

The new clients who see me last.

I refer to people who have been in pain for years, often as a result of motor vehicle accidents, for example. Many have spent years and thousands of dollars in search of relief from pain and restricted movement. Which was my own experience, being in pain for years, spending thousands of dollars without getting ongoing relief, until I discovered Remedial Massage. I'm here to tell you that when you finally do find relief from pain and restricted movement, you want to yell it from the roof tops! In my case, it motivated me to change careers to help others!

Many of the reviews that help people decide to see me first were written by people who came to see me last!
I sincerely thank you for sharing your experiences.

Just the other day, a new client presented with restricted head movement due to it being painful in the neck, due to a motor vehicle accident over 30 years ago. The client had exhausted many avenues over the years in search of pain relief. After a session of CranioDural Therapy, when I asked the client to sit up and turn their head to the left and right, I could see the client struggling to contain their emotions at being able to turn their head much further to the left, right, up and down, without pain in the neck. This is why I will never retire, as long as I am still able to provide a service!
I'm not usually stuck for words, but even I find it hard to describe the feelings I get when you know you are making a significant improvement in someone's quality of life.

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