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Arthur's background

I have been most fortunate in the opportunities the universe sent me in the course of my life.
Some were thrust upon me!
Such as the late career change to Remedial Massage!

I changed career in 2004 as a result of PAIN, or rather finding relief from pain! That's 20 years ago already! How time flies!
Amazing that 2024 marks my 20th anniversary in the profession!
I was in pain for several years and spent thousands of dollars in search of relief. I finally found it through Myopractic and Remedial Massage. I started attending courses, not to learn how to do it, but to offer a body for students to experiment on to see if they could relieve my pain.
After 3 months of weekly treatments as well as courses, I was PAIN-FREE. I decided the world needed more people doing body work of this nature, to try and relief aches and pains in as few visits as possible, and made the bold decision to use my life savings to retrain and change careers in my fifties! I wouldn't make the same decision now, BTW, as there are over 50 practitioners of Remedial Massage and other body work in the Rockingham area now.
I'm 72 now. I was lucky enough to spend 5 years at University. That was so long ago, it feels like it happened in a previous life time, the world and technology has changed so much in that time!
I have been fortunate to travel extensively, even to countries like Iran and Afghanistan where people are unlikely to visit these days.
I spent 25 years in the IT industry, spending several years with multinational computer companies.
I did take a time out in the 1980s, running a restaurant with my wife on the then idyllic but primitive, pristine island of Boracay in the Philippines. That time out prolonged my working life, so that I still have abundant energy and enthusiasm for what I do at a time when most people have retired! I'll probably add more when time permits!

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