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Mission statement

To provide:

I aim to do this by:

Alas, following a crack down by council following a vexatious complaint last year during the Rockingham By Election, in which I was a candidate, my opening hours have been reduced, I have limits on the number of clients I can see per day, and I can no longer open on Sunday. Which clashes with my Mission Statement!

My mission statement has served me and my clients well over the years. I know of several practitioners in various areas of healthcare, whose treatment plans, of up to ten sessions, are also a very cunning plan as part of looking after the financial interest of the practitioner at your expense.
Instead of attempting to get a new client to sign up for 10 sessions, I attempt to deal with a client's issues in one or two sessions. Do that well, at an affordable price, and you get 10 more new clients over the next five years, resulting from just that one appointment, and your reputation gradually spreads a little further and wider each year. The fact is that people do talk to each other!
The result of my approach is that I have so far served 7,000 clients!


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