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Physio supplies shop

Try before you buy knee supports, compression socks etc

For your convenience, I have several products that may be of interest. Have a browse of knee supports, compression socks (ideal for tradies wearing boots all day) and much more for you to try before you buy. Not available for the general public, only for clients.

My aim is to ensure you have a product that suits you, in the right size, at the same price you can buy online, without having to pay for postage

And to improve your quality of life so that you don't need to see me so often!

I also sell some liquid magnesium, Eagle Balm and spikey massage balls

Thermosleeves. $75

The latest in high tech, not cheap as they have to make a quid before competition emerges. Comes in three sizes, can be used on ankles, calves, knees, elbows, forearms etc or simply laid on your lower back.

You can keep it in the freezer and use it as an ice pack, or microwave it and use it as a heat pack.
The feedback from people buying this product has been excellent!

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Thermoskin distributor

A variety of knee supports, compression socks, (ankle, half calf and full calf, in several sizes so you can make sure you have the one that suits you best in the right size!) and many more items. The compression socks are popular with people on their feet all day, particularly with tradies wearing boots...

Full length compression socks $35 (RRP $57 plus postage)

The feedback is great, I sell at way cheaper than you can buy direct! For me it is about providing a service you can try them on for feel and size and make an informed decision which can help you greatly if you are on your feet all day. These are selling well at this competitive price and the feedback has been fantastic.
However, the price will go up a little when current stocks run out due to inflation!

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Karma Rub, Eagle Balm and Spikey Massage Balls

Liquid magnesium products such as Karma Rub are great for rubbing on muscles and joints. Great for muscle spasms and cramping muscles to apply directly to the skin.

Small $5, Medium #10, Large $20, XL $30. Also available are the shower gel with magnesium, a face cream (same look and feel as Nivea but with magnesium in it, and two types of massage cream. Spikey massage balls are $10
Eagle Balm comes from Indonesia. The entire proceeds go to the charities I support, Mine clearance in Cambodia and Prosthetics in Laos, so cash into my donations bucket please, otherwise I have to pay tax and GST on it!
Eagle Balm contains eucalyptus and menthol and soothes pain. $10 small, $20 for the large.
I should perhaps point out that I have raised and personally donated over $15,000 to various charities, mainly in long standing problems such as prosthetics in Laos and Mine Clearance in Cambodia and more recently for humanitarian aid to Ukraine where around 15 million people have been displaced, many as refugees in other countries.

This page is currently under construction... more products, photos and prices to be added, but hey you have to start somewhere!

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